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Collaborations internationales

PHC Franco-allemand Procope 2013-14

Elephant ivory : chemical composition, structure, mechanical properties and evolution over time Department of biomaterials of the Max-Planck-Institute of colloids and interfaces (MPICI) at Potsdam-Golm (Germany) & LAMS UMR8220 CNRS UPMC Project leaders : Dr. Wolfgang Wagermaier (MPICI) & Dr. Ina Reiche (LAMS) project partners : Prof. Dr. Peter Fratzl, Dr. John Dunlop, Dr. Garrett Milliron Dr. Aurélien Gourrier, Dr. Katharina Müller, Marie Albéric The interest for studying in (...)

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Programme ECOS-Sud - CONICYT (2010-2012)

Physical-chemical characterisation of nano-cosmetics employed on the Chinchorro mummies from the extreme north of Chile The development of scientific archaeology during the last forty years has brought along a revision of both the theoretical setting and the analytical methodologies accompanying the processing and interpretation of the vestiges of the past. One of the main changes within the methodological realm has been the fostering of interdisciplinary research, with the consequent (...)

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The Representation of Colored Textiles in Victorian Painting (2013-2014)

This collaborative research project aims at shedding light on the way the material culture of weaving was conceived and represented in the changing industrial age by painters who longed to retrieve artistic traditions from the past, notably from the Middle-Ages. As the starting-point of this project, we will carry out a series of non-invasive chemical analyses on three major late 19th century paintings preserved in UK and USA to explore the representation of textiles from the past. The (...)

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Un nouveau programme COST sur le bois

FPS COST Action FP1302 WOODMUSICK : WOODen MUSical Instrument Conservation and Knowledge KICK-OFF meeting : WOODen MUSical Instrument Conservation and Knowledge Opening Conference Thursday 27 February - Friday 28 February 2014 Cité de la musique, Paris, France NEXT MEETINGS : Multidisciplinary approach to wooden musical instruments identification October, 1-2, 2014, Cremona, Italy Cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary (...)

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