Pittcon 2015 – New Orleans

March 10, 2015. Recovering the Original Colors of Paintings through Analytical Chemistry

Ce symposium invité, organisé par Christian Amatore (ENS, PASTEUR) et Philippe Walter, se déroulera dans le cadre de la PittCon 2015 organisée à la Nouvelle Orléans, du 8 au 12 mars 2015.

Overview: Colors observed today in paintings are not always those desired by the old Masters. Many pigments aged catastrophically: fading, reactions with light, humidity or binders, etc. Modern analytical methods and new chemical concepts provide better understanding about such complex chemical phenomena which can thus be virtually “inverted” to restore original paintings colors.

Session Organizers: Christian Amatore, Philippe Walter


  • Christian Amatore (ENS, Paris, France): Complexity of Chemical Kinetics of Reactions Taking Place in Paintings Over Centuries
  • Jennifer L Mass (Winterthur Museum, USA) : Synchrotron-Based Methods for Studying the Alteration Mechanisms of Cadmium Sulfide and Arsenic Sulfide Pigments in Early Modernist and Dutch Golden Age Paintings Respectively
  • Philippe Walter (LAMS, Paris) : Development of a New Mobile Instrument Combining XRF and XRD to Reveal the Original Colors of Paintings
  • John K Delaney (National Gallery of Art, Washington DC) : Multi-Modal Standoff Chemical Imaging to Elucidate Spatial Features and Pigments of “Hidden” Paintings: Reflectance, Fluorescence and XRF Imaging Spectroscopies
  • Jens Stenger (Yale University) : Non-Invasive Color Restoration of Mark Rothko’s Harvard Murals Using Light from a Digital Projector

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