Equipex ThomX (2012-2024)

Le LAMS est partnenaire de l’équipe ThomX, lauréat du premier appel à projet Equipex.

A collaboration of seven research institutes and an industry has been set up for the ThomX project, a compact Compton Backscattering Source (CBS) based in Orsay – France. After a period of study and definition of the machine performance, a full description of all the systems has been provided.

The infrastructure work has been started and the main systems are in the call for tender phase. In this paper we will illustrate the definitive machine parameters and components characteristics. We will also update the results of the different technical and experimental activities on optical resonators, RF power supplies and on the electron gun.

Télécharger l’article “The ThomX project status”, A. Variola et al., prepress WEPRO052, présenté lors de la 5ème International Particle Accelerator Conference IPAC’14 (Dresden, Germany, 15 – 20 juin 2014).

En savoir plus sur l’avancement du projet sur le site du projet :